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“Irene identifies needs and is able to fill them effectively.  I have observed others in the role she was in when we worked together, and she both set and delivered upon the highest standard for office staff and clients.  She takes a well-rounded approach which, in the end, provides comprehensive and logical solutions.  Plus, other skills, including computer literacy, help her be more productive than others.  Finally, as a seminar leader or trainer, she strikes a fine balance between delivering the required information and meeting the individual needs of the attendees.  I believe this is because she is well-informed and well-educated in addition to having strong, natural communication skills.  One final point, Irene has fantastic energy and a ready laugh!”

Former manager in a career center


“An ultimate desire for Irene is to leave her professional mark upon the world.  I have known Irene for over 10 years and each of those years she has continued to climb a new rung on the ladder of success.  Albeit volunteer work, Peace Corps, mentoring a non-English speaking person, joining a new organization or even learning a new skiing technique, she displays the will to succeed unmatched amongst mere mortals.”  

Former co-worker


“Irene is a people person who loves working with others and helping them learn new things for find their own path.  She also seems to love connecting others in ways that are meaningful to them.  In this way, Irene is a natural networker and influencer, bringing people together for a common cause --- and achieving measurable results.”

Former manager


Thank you so much for your excellent and stimulating presentation last week. I thought your presentation went over well capturing the imagination of the audience and providing them with some concrete ideas about how to improve their "gendered performances" in the job search.  Your topic is not one usually presented in a networking group but I believe you may start a new trend. In fact, I think it is a topic that will be of particular interest to the many women's networking groups, and this topic may become your "differentiator" that helps spur the growth of your speaking and counseling practice.”

Colleague in Job Search Coaching


“Thank you. I enjoyed working through this process with you. … I haven't had a lot to do with HR, except for this hiring process, but I certainly felt you brought something very positive to our organization.. I know this was only a temporary-contract position, but can only hope the individual coming in brings the same level of professionalism and knowledge that you brought to the position.”

Partnered with this hiring manager on his recruiting need


“Our client’s completed evaluation gives me hope that today could be a good day!  Not only are her evaluation marks great, but there are good comments.  In addition to the evaluation, in her email she said, "Working with Irene was quite inspiring."  What a nice way to start the week!

Thank you again!  I can only hope that we have more clients to send your way!”

Director, Partner Career Services Organization


“That was a prize performance last night. You did a lot for the new members. You showed them how they can bring their work and growth into Toastmasters. You gave them a greater understanding of using a Power Point presentation the right way. They may have not known that but I feel that it needs to be mentioned next meeting you weren't married to the machine. Believe me I paid someone who did a presentation and it amounted to nothing but reading off the screen. Each member last night walked away with something they could use and apply in everyday life.  Thank you.... that's  a high quality mark that all our members to be able to judge themselves by. Good job.”

Toastmaster Colleague


 “I am writing to thank you … for the time and energy you put into the “Learn How to Market Your PCV Experience in Your Job Search” event.  Several participants have repeatedly thanked me for hosting the event, which could not have happened without your efforts.  I particularly appreciated your ability to pull together a great and diverse team of career professionals, along with the presentation, resources which should serve the BARPCV participants well for their short and long-term career search needs. 

Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Career Chair



Irene Sinteff, M.Ed., PHR

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